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Over 200 Clients including a former Congressman, Fortune 500 Companies, Colleges, and many more.

ABOVE: "Can't Hide the Past" by Jerry Frech, 24x30", Mixed Media on Canvas, SOLD

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Left: Dana with Dr. Olive of Bluefield College unveiling "Uncle Milton". The painting of David Milton Easley has proudly hung in the Bluefield College Library since 1961, yet over time he was "poked".

A hole measuring two by three inches was made by an anonymous, one of the descendants of Uncle Milton noticed this and brought it to the attention of the school.

Bluefield College President, Dr. David Olive, then contacted Walter Shroyer - who then contacted Dana Frech to restore the painting of one of the greatest benefactors of the College.

Dana, with the aid of Artist Jan Borel, repaired the hole and it now hangs proudly in the Bluefield College Library. Yet, there is more to this story at Dana's Blog: DanaFrech.Blogspot.com

Originally painted by a portrait artist identified only as "Sneider", via the signature at the lower corner, in 1961.

Restored by Dana R. Frech in 2011!

Despite the long hours, hard work and intense study and research, it all came together on a special night for Dana. The reaction of the descendants of Uncle Milton was certainly worth all of the hard work!

Left: (Left to Right) Dana Frech, Dr. Olive, Tyler Easley (Nephew of Milton), his daughter Mrs. Beckett and her husband and Dr. Robert Shippey of Bluefield College.